Safeguarding 2 and 3 Training On-line

Safeguarding 2 and 3 Training On-line

A great opportunity to get your Safeguarding team qualified before the season

Safeguarding 2 - Club Children's Officer (CCO) 31 May 2021 - €15

Safeguarding 3 - Designated Liaison Person (DLP) 2 June 2021 - €15


Under Children’s First Act 2015 requires organisations that are providers of relevant services to children must ensure that they prevent, as far as practicable, deliberate harm or abuse to the children while availing of their services. Within the Act the key roles and responsibilities are identified and how they undertake their commitment to maintain an enjoyable and safe environment. Two of those roles are the Designated Liaison Person and the Club/Centre Children’s Officer.

Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is responsible for reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse and welfare issues to the Statutory Authorities.

Club/Centre Children’s Officer (CCO) is appointed within organisations to act as a resource for children and to represent them at committee or management level.

Both Positions have specific training courses DLP = Safeguarding 3 and CCO = Safeguarding 2 courses to facilitate the required training and this training must be taken within 3 months of a new appointment.

If you are unsure of your organisation's Safeguarding responsibilities, or would like more information, head over to or email our National Children's Officer and Mandated Person for Irish Sailing on

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