Brexit and Boats Live Webinar

Brexit and Boats Live Webinar

We invite you to join a live Brexit and Boats webinar with Ray Ryan, Assistant Principal, Brexit Unit, Irish Revenue. 

Ray will give a presentation on the customs requirements, including duty and tax considerations for individuals … - purchasing boats, new and second hand, from GB, UK and NI and bringing them to the Republic of Ireland - traveling to events with boats and equipment to and from GB, UK, NI and Rep. Ireland - cruising on a sailing boat to and from GB, UK, NI and Rep. Ireland Followed by questions and answers.

Brexit and Boats Webinar

18:30 to 19:30

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Register on the form below or CLICK HERE.


This event will be recorded and available on our Youtube channel after. Attendees that have any questions that may not be able to answer on the night will be given the relevant contact to forward them on for direct advice.

In the meantime our Boats and Brexit page is available and will be updated before the event.

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