Marine Notice No. 19 of 2021

Marine Notice No. 19 of 2021

Marine Notice No. 19 of 2021: “Importance of Voyage Planning and avoiding dangerous situations in Adverse Weather and Sea Conditions ”, which has been published on

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Recreational craft users should particularly consider the following points when planning a boating trip:

  1. ➢ Weather: before going boating, check the weather forecast and get regular updates if planning to be out for any length of time.
  2. ➢ Tides: check the tidal predictions for the trip and ensure that they fit with the planned trip.
  3. ➢ Limitations of the vessel: consider whether the boat is up to the proposed trip and that there is sufficient safety equipment and stores.
  4. ➢ Crew: take into account the experience and physical ability of the crew. Crews suffering from cold, tiredness and seasickness won’t be able to do their job properly and this could result in an overburdened skipper.
  5. ➢ Navigational Dangers: make sure the crew is familiar with any navigational dangers that may be encountered during the boating trip. This generally means checking an up-to-date chart and a current pilot book or almanac.
  6. ➢ Contingency plan: always have a contingency plan should anything go wrong. Before departing, consider places where the boat can take refuge should conditions deteriorate or if the crew suffer an incident or injury. Bear in mind that the GPS set is vulnerable and could fail at the most inconvenient time. It is sensible and good practice to make sure that the crew are not over-reliant on the GPS set and that they can navigate to safety without it should it fail.
  7. ➢ Information ashore: make sure that someone ashore knows the plans for the trip and knows what to do should they become concerned for the crews’ wellbeing. Ensure a designated person/organisation ashore is aware of the intended voyage, departure and return times, and has a procedure in place to raise the alarm if the need arises.
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