Irish Sailing Passport Training Webinar

Irish Sailing Passport Training Webinar

Calling all Junior Organisers, Centre Principals, Senior Instructors and Instructors 📣

By  now you should be aware of the Irish Sailing Passport online skills tracking and certification system using Checklick.  Maybe you’ve used it a little maybe you’ve used it a lot but either way there may be a few tips and tricks which could make life easier and there might be some features you’re not familiar with yet.

Dominik Jablecki, developer of Checklick, will be hosting a live webinar on Tuesday March 23rd at 16:00 to take you through the most commonly used features and answer any questions you may have. Some of the topics to be covered:

- Adding participants and using tags to identify course specific groups

- Using group evaluations to track progress rather than just certify

- Use of the participant logbook feature

- Highlight additional features, attendance sheet, group emails etc

- House-keeping, adding / removing evaluators, permissions, reports.

If there are any other specific questions you would like covered on the session please email

The webinar is free, to sign up just click on the link below:

If you are not available for this session or are completely new to Checklick and would like a more comprehensive ground up session we may be able to organise a second session at a later date, to register interest in this just email 

Live Webinar
Tuesday March 23rd at 16:00

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