HalSail Introduces You to Results Management

HalSail Introduces You to Results Management

Introduction to Results Management Course

A Results Manager’s main responsibility is to provide a clean set of results to the Event Chairman at the end of a sailing event. This requires liaising with the PRO to clarify, in advance, that each competitor has a valid sail number; that the correct prizes are noted as per the event Sailing Instructions and that changes are made to the results programme to accommodate such prizes.

Responsibilities during an event include working with the race management team especially those on the committee boats to receive race scores effectively and publish results to the required areas.

Results Managers complete all of the calculations, determinations of discards, ranking & any other issues as set out in the event Sailing Instructions. They may need to amend results according to Jury decisions, scoring queries & protest hearings arising following racing. 

We have joined up with Peter Hopford of HalSail to provide you with a double session Introduction to Results Management.

~ Wed 10th & Thu 11th March 2021
~ 18:30 to 21:00 hours both days

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the basics and get some tips from experienced Results Managers.

There is a small fee of €10, which covers both sessions.


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