Living with Covid Update: 25 Feb 2021

Living with Covid Update: 25 Feb 2021

Update: 25th  February 2021 - Living with Covid Plan

The Government’s revised plan published earlier in the week focuses on the phased return of schools and childcare. There is little change to the published five levels of the ‘Living with Covid Plan’ (now detailed in the appendices on page 46 of the ‘Resilience & Recovery Plan 2021’) and as with previous transitions between levels, there will be ‘amendments’ published, based on the most recent medical advice at the time. In the meantime we remain under current Level 5 Restrictions  until 5th April at the earliest when Government has stated that the “staggered start of easing of other areas of restriction with a focus on outdoor activities including sport” may be considered.

We understand this is making planning for the season ahead very difficult and we are continuing to work closely with Sport Ireland, the Sport Expert Group, and our partner National Governing Bodies to prioritise the reopening of sport and to provide timely information as restrictions start to ease.

You can read the full Government update here:

If you have any additional queries, please email me and we will do our best to clarify any of the Government’s guidelines.

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