Making Sailing All About Fun

Making Sailing All About Fun

Adventure and Fun Sailing

Jack Hannon and Philip O'Reily of Bray Sailing Club gave a fantastic talk, in the last month's Wednesday Winter Series, on alternative sailing challenges for clubs and centres, and how their new  programme has increased their membership and participation fun for children AND adults.

Not eveyrone wants to race and bringing fun activities to sailing can be difficult with large groups if there is no structure, so creating some fun plans with parematers can help to bring a focus to the session and fun for the sailors.

A few tips that came from the evening were ...


You don’t have to go far to go on an adventure.  Your first trip up any river estuary or into any local nook or cranny offers the same excitement as a cross channel for new comers and experienced sailors alike, especially if you include a environmental awareness element.

“We introduced fun adventures for adults at Bray Sailing Club and in no time our problem went from “why do we not have any adult sailors?” to “where are we going to put all these adult sailors!” said Philip “Nervous starts turned into the appetite for more adventures."


“Sailianteering is a win win for all levels and age groups. It is gender neutral, can take many forms, does not have to be competitive, nobody gets left behind and is supremely inclusive” shared Jack 

Wednesday Winter Talks Continue

If racing is your thing then you will always be looking to improve your performance so you may like the next in the Wednesday Winter Series.

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