Women of Vendée

Women of Vendée

Pip Hare, skipper Medallia, has been inspiring and entertaining us all with her honest accounts of her highs and lows while on the Vendée Globe race and she has now arrived in Les Sables d’Olonne. There are many people that will miss that daily "Pip Fix".

This quote is a perfect example of Pip's determination on her round the world challenge ...

"It's pretty incredible, it's been 90 days since we left and to find ourselves with four boats, even 6, after so many options, different boats and ways of sailing all so close together. It's nice because it allows us to play hard to the end and to give our best to keep fast. The only downside is that fatigue has set in heavily and this fight at the end is hard for the body. We did 95% of the course, this fight is fun, but we must not miss our goal. "

Pipe Hare / Medallia:

We contacted Pip Hare through her management team and she sent us this personal message of friendship to every sailor looking forward to the season ahead.

"We are both physically and mentally capable of so much more than we believe."

As Clarisse Cremer makes history at this year's Vendée Globe by becoming the fastest solo woman to ever complet the round-world race.

The 31 year French sailor finished on Wednesday 3rd of February in a time of 87 days, 2 hours and 24 minutes ~ smashing Dame Ellen MacAruthur's previous record by more than 6 days.

Clarisse is quoted as saying ... 

"At sea, I am a sailor and I don't tell myself that the sailor in front is a man or a woman, I don't think about that at all."

They are an absolute inspiration for us all to take the helm this summer as we start planning for the 2021 Women at the Helm event at Royal Cork Yacht Club.

Have you got the 2021 Women at the Helm event in your calendar?

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September 2021


#YouCanDoThis #TakeTheHelm #ActiveOnTheWater

Pip has arrived Here Pip helps to explain how she monitors the weather to navigate around a North Atlantic high Pressure system Just look at how much she is enjoyed it out there ...

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