Oysterhaven Nominated for Sustainability Award

Oysterhaven Nominated for Sustainability Award

Meet The Oysterhaven Centre and their Sustainability Commitment

The Oysterhaven Centre has been nominated for the Irish Sailing Sustainability Award 2020 for their commitment to sustainability throughout all they do.

Oysterhaven's sustainability ethos goes to the core of their business from centre infrastructure to education. Their own OYSTERHAVEN PLASTIC FREE policy brings an everyday ethos of sustainability and environmental awareness throughout the Oysterhaven Centre and their team of instructors. Their commitment includes environmental education programs within their youth training courses, competitions, local purchasing, plastic free recommendations and more. The infrastructure of the centre includes water fountains, water collection butts, recycling systems and sustainability considerations with all purchasing.
Oysterhaven's Plastic Free Mission statement and Vision sum up their commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness ...

'We are committed to reducing our plastic footprint and to raising awareness about plastic pollution and plastic solutions with our clients' and Vision: 'Oysterhaven Bay provides a pristine natural environment for clients of the centre and the cottages to enjoy, learn from and be inspired by during their stay and beyond. Our leadership and care for the natural environment empowers our clients to take positive steps to reduce plastic pollution during their stay and in their own lives.'

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