Join the 2021 eSailing Season

Join the 2021 eSailing Season

The eSailing 2021 Season commences on 21 January 2021

If you haven’t been involved in eSailing on the Virtual Regatta before you may have a few questions. So we put together the most frequently asked questions we get …

  1. Am I graded on the number of races or is it an average over all of the races over time?
     – You get results for each open race that you compete in and the points from each race is added up towards the total results. Private races don’t count towards your national and world  rankings.
  2. Is it free?
    – Yes free to play however you can opt to purchase additional bling for your boat or pay for race helps.
  3. Do I need a team?
    – No this is raced solo even if it is a double handed boat you are racing.
  4. Do I need a gaming quality computer?
    – No. You can play on a tablet, phone or desktop computer as long as it has internet.
  5. How do I learn how to play?
    – The game has a sailing school to teach beginners how to play and the basic rules of sailing. And if you get your boat handling wrong you don’t get wet, so you can just keep sailing 😊

The Virtual Regatta YouTube channel has endless videos you can watch to get a feel for it too … HERE.

Head over to to play.

And if you are looking to join a Virtual Sailing community for some great competition and craic ... join these guys and gals ...

The Ultimate Virtual Sailing Team

This DEED OF GIFT was made on the fourteenth of january the year two thousand and twenty one. By the Hicks VR Sailing clubs current owner of the title “The UltimateVirtual Sailing Team”

This title is donated upon the condition that it shall be preserved as a perpetual challenge Title for fair and friendly competition between virtual sailing teams.

A chalanging club will submit thier challenge here

The challenging team will consist of no less than 8 virtual sailors

The team challenging for the Title and the Team holding the same may by mutual consent make any arrangement satisfactory to both as to the dates and time. But no later than ten days after the challenge is submitted.

In case the parties cannot mutually agree upon the terms of a match, then three races shall be sailed, and the winner of these races shall be entitled to the Title. The winner is the team with the lowest score accumulated.

All such races shall be on the Virtual regatta sailing platform, venues and boats shall be selected by the Club holding the Title.

Should the Club holding the Title be unable to defend. The challenging club will recipe the title.

No team which has been defeated in a match for this Title can be again selected by any club as its representative until after a contest for it by some other team has intervened, or until after the expiration of two weeks from the time of such defeat. 

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