Race Officials Conference 2022

Race Officials Conference 2022

Race Officials Conference Postponed to 2022

The 2019 Race Officials Conference was postponed due to the “Beast from the East” and postponing to 2020 seemed a sensible idea. In the meantime we rebranded the event to the “Race Management and Support Teams Conference” to include the full event team.

Well, we all know what happened to 2020 ! With much doubt still over event planning in 2021, we decided to plan The Race Management and Support Teams Conference for early 2022.

We are taking this decision to keep everyone as safe as possible and hopefully things will have settled down by then and we can all get back to enjoying the banter and networking of the conference. To whet your appetite, we are planning an exciting agenda based on past successful talks such as ‘Bulletproof Sailing Instructions’, ‘Communicating with competitors’, ‘There is no “I” in Team’, ‘360 Degree Communications’, ‘Mark  Laying (How to make your race officer look good!)’ and much more.

We look forward to sharing more interesting topics with you in 2022 and will announce the date and venue later this year.

See a small gallery of race officials at work to give you a flasback on good times below 😊

"We love the committee boat with LOADS of fenders at the topper Traveller event." 🤣

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