Irish Maritime Directorate Submission

Irish Maritime Directorate Submission

Irish Sailing responds to the Irish Maritime Directorate’s draft strategy

Earlier this month the Irish Maritime Directorate (IMD) published a new draft maritime strategy and requested feedback from stakeholders. The IMD is responsible for the “wide range of maritime responsibilities that fall within the remit of the Department of Transport”, and their maritime strategy is based on six core objectives: safety, trade, emergency response, environment, the organisation and its stakeholders.

Irish Sailing responded quickly to the IMD and gave feedback on the following areas: use of regulation, education and awareness programmes, the Small Vessels Register, VHF licensing, and ComSail rules (that dictate the distance that cruising school vessels can travel). It is vitally important that the voices of our members and all Irish sailors are heard and represented, and that we maintain our freedom on the water.

You can read the Irish Maritime Directorate Strategy Document here: And the Irish Sailing response here (and in link below).

The IMD will now read all the submissions and update their strategy depending on input. We will update you on any further developments.


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