2021 Events

2021 Events

As we come to a close on 2020, we are all looking forward to 2021.

There is a strong demand for events and in turn dates. So we ask you to please ensure your OPEN events are registered with Irish Sailing and we can ensure they are listed on our events calendar.

What is an OPEN event?

Any event open to members and non members of your organiation, for example ...

  • Open Club Regatta weekends
  • Cruise in Companies
  • Class regionals and nationals
  • Sports socials
  • Coastal and offshore racing

We have updated the event registration form to allow for up to three events to be submitted at the same time, rather than an event per application. You can also select multi-class events,rather than just one class at a time aswell as conferences and other event types thus allowing open events and their descriptions to be included.

The event registration now has the added possibility to get assistance on acquiring results managers, now that they are newly recognised as race officials. 

NB: the closing date for entry for All Irelands nominations will be 1st of September 2021 so try not to arrange your National Championships after this date.

The Irish Sailing Events calendar is useful if you are scheduling an event too.

See calendar here.

Register your event here.

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