Day 1 of the eNationals

Day 1 of the eNationals

Day 1 and Results are Close

Sailing brings many variables that effect performance wind, tide, boat and now with eSailing we have wifi connectivity added to the variables of sailing performance 🤣.

Day 1 of the Irish eSailing Nationals saw 3 races in J70 and some great racing. RedOne came out tops in first place with 15 points, with Jeneral in 2nd place at 18 points, both with consistency withing the top 10 in all 3 races.

The banter between sailors is remarkably similar to the banter you get in the boat yard. Here are a few of the the team chats while they are racing :)

"Thanks for the races. No connection well raced all."


"I’m wrecked. Need to work on the fitness! Well done everyone. See you next week"

"I seem to be the only boat not making an attempt to hit 20 boats every race."

"easier on the bank balance"

Back on line again for Day 2 and the final day on Tuesday 10th November.

Description image of Day 1 of the eNationals

The scoring system will be as per the low Point Scoring System (Appendix A) as follows:

  • 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 3 points, etc., but points for those falling into the following categories shall be awarded as stated:
  • DNC scores points equal to the number of entries in series plus 1 (ie: 21points if we have 20 boats)
  • DNS/DNF/RET/RAF/DSQ scores points equal to the number of starters of that race plus 1
  • The series of races for this event will have one discard on completion of 4 or more races.


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