Psychology and its Relevance in Sport

Psychology and its Relevance in Sport

Dublin Bay Sailing Club brings you stories of resilience from Irish Professional sailors…on and off the water

On Thursday 12th November 2020 at 19.30hrs, Fergal Keane of RTE’s Seascapes will chat with top Irish professional sailors ... 

  • Olympic Silver Medallist Annalise Murphy,

  • Figaro Solo Sailor Tom Dolan, Sport Psychologist,

  • Six-time Volvo Ocean veteran and Ocean Sustainability advocate Damian Foxall,

and top sports psychologist Dr. Kate Kirby.

Sports psychology has traditionally been viewed as only having application to high performance or professional sports.  However, many of the techniques in sport psychology have just as much relevance for recreational athletes and also can be applied to our personal and professional lives. 

Join us as we hear from these professional sailors about their approach to sport psychology and how resilience forms an essential part of this.

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