Level 5 Restrictions Awaiting Feedback

Level 5 Restrictions Awaiting Feedback

Update 22 October 2020

Following a move to Level 5 Restrictions, we are awaiting feedback from the Sport Expert Group before publishing a final draft of the plan and FAQ’s.

The main points of Level 5 as they impact on sailing activity are:

  • Non-contact organised training can continue for school-aged children outdoors in pods of 15
  • Individual sailing for adults may continue for non-organised activity in single handers and same household crewed boats
  • Professional and Elite sailing can continue
  • No Irish Sailing Accredited Instructor Training

With respect to Level 5 Travel restrictions, everyone is advised to stay at home except for exercise within 5km of your home and/or essential journeys. Irish Sailing understands that there may be sanctions in the form of fines for those who are stopped at garda checkpoints and whose journey is not deemed essential.

Irish Sailing has written to the Garda press office requesting that those manning checkpoints understand that:

  1. Irish Sailing has received confirmation from Sport Ireland that training can continue for school-aged children outdoors, and that participants, parents, coaches and supervisors may travel outside their 5KM limit to take part in these activities.
  1. In addition, the operation of ports and harbours are deemed essential and any service required for the safe provision of a service for the operation of ports and harbours is allowed. For Irish Sailing activities this means that people travelling for essential maintenance, lifting and security of boats may (subject to local restrictions imposed by harbours) travel outside the 5km limit to perform these tasks.

Irish Sailing members travelling for either of the reasons above should be in a position to validate their journey by way of confirmation from the club or activity centre confirming their engagement with the relevant organisation and the purpose for their journey.

We will issue further updates should we receive any further advice from the Sport Ireland Expert Group.

In the meantime stay safe,

Harry Hermon

Photograph: Thanks to Geraldine Hennigan

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