eSailing Championships

eSailing Championships

eSailing Competition Continues

When all competition on the water is off for us at the moment, eSailing competition continues.

eSailing Nations Cup

We came 4th in the seeding for the eSailing Nations Cup pitting Ireland against Sweden in the first round.. It was a close one with a final result of 5-4 to Sweden. On the water gear failure can be a factor in poor performance, but it can happen on virtual racing too, as one of our competitors internet went down during the racing and scuppered our chance to go through to the quarter finals. We manage to give a good fight though. To understand more on this competition go HERE.

The team were chosen by a steering group of 6 people and included –

  1. Andrew “Hammy” Baker – Captain
  2. Ryan Seaton – 32 and represented Ireland at the Olympics 2012 and 2016 in 49er class.
  3. Finn Lynch – 24 and represented Ireland at the Olympics in 206 in the Laser.
  4. Colin Kavanagh – 48 and currently sails a J97.
  5. Cillian Dickson – 27 and enjoys sailing J24, SB20 and a splatter of J80.
  6. Michael Lynch – 26 from Tralee and eSailing has saved him this season.
  7. Niamh Cassidy – 45 and loving eSailing after years of frost bites and brass monkeys.
  8. Brendan Dwyer – 37 and sailing lasers in Cork Harbour.
  9. Martin Mahon – 40 and currently sailing RS-Elite after years of class 0-3 racing & more.
  10. Shane Diviney – 29 and sailing anything from dinghies to maxi yachts and everything in between.

Our subs for the event were Paul Mclaughlin and Jocelyn Hill. Watch back on the race HERE.

eSailing World Chalmpionship

Our next big event is the eSailing World Championship on 7 November. This event is individual racing based on the eSailing that has been carried out throughout the year. The top 10 competitors as of 1st of September, go forward for qualifiers towards an eventual World Championship. These top ten ranked eSailors are:

  1. Jeneral
  2. Headcase_Cill
  3. Finn Lynch
  4. Stouche
  5. Mick Farrell
  6. Paul csbc
  7. Hammy Baker
  8. Tom Fox
  9. RedOne
  10. Big Shaz

You can read up on the World Championships here

eNational Championships

The third event is our own eNational Championships, to find our National eSailing Champion of 2020. This will take place on the 1st and 8th of December kindly arrange by Emmet Dalton of Howth Yacht Club. Total of 6 races, held as 3 each evening from 7pm.

  • Top 20 on our National rankings as of 1st of September will be invited to participate.
  • Week 1 will be J70’s
  • Week 2 will be 49ers
  • NoR to follow shortly
  • WhatsApp group set up for competitors to follow proceedings and any changes
  • Results will be published on the Irish Sailing website.

With the following virtual sailors competing to become Ireland’s eSailing National Champion for 2020 –

  1. Jeneral
  2. Headcase_Cill
  3. Finn Lynch
  4. Stouche
  5. Mick Farrell
  6. Paul csbc
  7. Graemesurf
  8. Hammy Baker
  9. Tom Fox
  10. RedOne
  11. Big Shaz
  12. Colin O'Sullivan
  14. SMH
  15. Hot Scutter
  16. CianMollen
  17. NotAtleeKohl
  18. IRL1332
  19. DublinBayMermaid119
  20. draymo

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