All Women Crew Round Ireland Record Attempt

All Women Crew Round Ireland Record Attempt

Follow the First All-Female, DoubleHanded 'Round Ireland' Challenge

Double handed sailors, Pamela Lee and Catherine Hunt, set off on 13th October in 20kts of North Westerly breeze, crossing the start line at kish lighthouse at 7:45am and headed south for a clock wise rounding.

Their mission is to sail the Figaro Bénéteau III around Ireland, in an attempt to set a first record for an all-female, doublehanded sailing circumnavigation.

Overnight both double handed sailors Pamela Lee and Catherine Hunt rounded the iconic Fastnet Rock at approximately 01:52 UTC (03:53 local). The breeze was northerly in direction at 15 knots, while they favoured downwind angles up to this point in the record attempt as they rounded the “Rock” the modes changed to a fetch in the direction of the Bull Rock. 

Kenny Rumble, shore manager was in direct contact with the team via Iridium sat phone this morning (07:00 UTC) to check in with the team. 

“I spoke again with the girls, they passed the Fastnet Lighthouse around 3.50 am and started to fetch up the southwest coast. The girls sounded  well rested, focused and will wait for the next forecast models to look at routing up the west coast. They already have seen a slight right hand shift and a drop in wind speed. All looking good for the routing towards the Mayo coast” 

West is best they say, what the team is now looking for is a further right hand shift to enable them sail a rhumb line towards Slyne Head. This is probably the hard part, a dying breeze to navigate through. They will favour a more backing wind direction where it should eventually end in a south easterly, assisting them with the north coast. But before we jump ahead the team will first have to round the Tearaght Island, the most western island of the Blasket Sound. From then it's going to be on the wind in testing conditions.

So far it's worked out in their favour, let's hope we have a little more wind than forecast and that right hand shift comes quicker. 

Follow them on the Yellow Brick tracker app or go here

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Photography thanks to Inpho Sports Photography 

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