ISRRC Terms of Reference Approved

ISRRC Terms of Reference Approved

Racing Rules Committee and Appeals Board Terms of Reference Approved

The Irish Sailing Board has approved new terms of reference for the Irish Sailing Racing Rules Committee and Appeals Board (ISRRC). The terms of reference are available HERE.

The Racing Rules Committee has an important role in promoting and implementing the Racing Rules of Sailing. The new terms of reference set out how this body will work as a permanent committee. The members are International or National Judges, Umpires together with other experienced sailors and race officials.

The Racing Rules of Sailing set out a number of procedures for resolving disagreements on how the rules apply in the often hectic conditions of a race: arbitration, protests and requests for redress. The rules also allow for decisions to be appealed. The Appeals Board will be responsible for hearing such appeals. A panel consisting of members of the ISRRC, with the addition, where appropriate, of other sailors or officials with specialised knowledge, will hear and decide appeals. Once appointed, each panel is independent of the Racing Rules Committee, and the panel’s decision will be binding.

The first task of the ISRRC has been to prepare proposals for the updating of the Irish Sailing Prescriptions to the Racing Rules of Sailing, in light of changes to the rules for 2021.

The members of the ISRRC are -

  • Bill O’Hara
  • Chris Lindsay
  • Mike O’ Connor
  • Cxema Pico
  • Ailbe Millerick
  • Emmet Dalton
  • Anthony O’ Leary
  • Diana Kissane
  • Geoff O’ Donoghue
  • David Lovegrove
  • Ed Alcock
  • Gordon Davies (Chair)


Administrative support will be provided by Sarah-Louise Rossiter of Irish Sailing

The Board of Irish Sailing and new committee would like to express their gratitude to the previous Chairman, Ron Hutcheison, for his many years of dedication to the task. The new committee hope that they can continue to provide the same high standard of service to Irish sailors, clubs and classes.

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