Reuse Month is Here

Reuse Month is Here

October is National Reuse Month

National Reuse Month’s aim is to inspire you and provide you with the skills and tools to reuse more at home, at work and at play. In our maritime world there are numerous opportunities to take a little time to reuse through sharing, upcycling and repair.

"We can all make a difference to help protect our environment and campaigns like National Reuse Month really help to revive public awareness by encouraging us to be conscious of the impacts of our consumer habits, and to consider more sustainable end of life solutions for our boats and equipment.” Damian Foxall, Irish Sailing Sustainability Ambassador.

Here are a few ideas to help inspire you to join the Reuse movement and Make a Difference to our impact on the environment.

Repair or Revive ...

... tools & gadgets. Before you throw it give it some love.

Upcycle ...

... or buy upcycled product.
Support the Irish upcyclers making bags, clothing and homeware.

Refill ...

... reusable bottles and lunch in a tub can make such a difference to landfill.

Buy or Donate ...

... preloved boat parts, tools and clothing.
Create an online swap-shop with your club or community or organise a boat jumble.

Borrow and Share ...

... tools and rarely used equipment.
We don't all need our own power-hose, trailer, crane, rivet gun, rope cutter.

Swap equipment, tools and gear.

... Old to you is new to me. Let's swap.

What can you do to Reuse this month?


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