Making Money

Making Money

Making Money and Supporting Your Community

Some sailing clubs around Ireland are looking at their balance sheet after a season of loss, and reducing their overheads to keep club boats floating and their sailors launching. So a couple of clubs got clever and thought up some creative ways to boost their finances.  Here are some of the ideas that we’ve seen from around the country.

Want to Win a Laser?

Killaloe Sailing Club is a small club on the shores of Lough Derg. Home is a selection of great sheds and a plot of waterside land, but no bricks and mortar. This autumn the club is running a raffle where the winner will take a home a brand-new Laser dinghy, worth almost €8,000. The unusual thing about this raffle is that only 100 tickets are being sold for €100. As soon as all the tickets are gone, the raffle will take place.

“We are really grateful to CH Marine for supporting this fundraising campaign and are over the moon with the enormous response. We only have 10 tickets left today” said John Callanan of the club fund-raising committee. If you’d like to buy a ticket, email: or text/call John at 083 4607433. Or download the Club Zap app the ‘ClubZap’ app (a guidance document on how to use this is below).

Money for Your Scrap

In the meantime, Bantry Bay Sailing Club went down the ‘Reuse Recycle’ route to make up for lost income. Did you know that you can sell old clobber (clothing, bedding, bags etc) for 40c a kilo? And metal is between €10 and €70 a kilo. This kickstarted Bantry Bay to run their “Metal and Clobber Collection Days” which raised over €4000 for the club.

“The Metal and Clobber days have been brilliant for fundraising and for bringing the community together. People that have never been to the club came by to thank us as they dropped off their old radiators and clothes. Instead of being charged by the kilo to have their rubbish taken away, they helped us get paid for it. We even got a new member out of it !” said Katheryn Kingston of Bantry Bay Sailing Club committee.

Cash For Clobber have collectors all over the country and every county has a metal man, Cork’s is Cork Metal

If your club is in need of a funding injection, how about helping your community with a Metal and Clobber collection or running a draw for a sought-after prize every sailing family would like to win.

A few other social distanced ideas that have been shared with us are –

  • Theme Regatta Days - Charging a small fee for extra mini regattas with a theme.
  • Halloween Pirate Ship Parade - There is no trick or treating this year, so why not have a fancy dress sailing parade. Charge for entry and have a winning outfit or scary looking pirate dinghy.
  • Sailienteering - Run a family Sailienteering Treasure Hunt
  • Online Reuse Auction - as members if they have an item they haven't needed or usef that may be of interest to someone else in the club and could be auctioned - jewellery, that 2nd VHF, child's lifejacket etc. 
  • Sell Yourself - members volunteer an hour of their labour for sale to other members.

If your club would any support for fundraising ideas you can contact your regional development officer for advice. Find them HERE ...



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