Sport Expert Group Level 3 Clarification

Sport Expert Group Level 3 Clarification

Update 25 Sept 2020

Sport Expert Group Clarifies L3 Restrictions for Sailing

Further to Irish Sailing’s ‘Living with Covid Plan’ published earlier in the week, we made a submission to the Sport Ireland Expert Group for clarity on a number of issues to allow for a more gradual transition between the five levels of the plan.

There was some confusion in the Government’s plan around the ‘pod’ terminology (suggesting mixed household crews permitted) being used in Level 3 in the same sentence as ‘non-contact’ (ie social distancing should be adhered to). We have since received clarity from the expert group on this:

“ There should be a clear delineation of the level and type of activity between Levels 2 and 3 of the Framework. In Level 3 the use of non contact pods is used to counteract the risk of people being close contacts i.e. spending more than 15 minutes within 2 metres of someone either indoors or outdoors. If this is achievable in some elements of sailing then it can proceed. Where sports can’t achieve this, they should modify activity appropriately.”

This clarity effectively confirms that in L3 we need to be sailing in compliance with social distancing – ie single handed, same household and/or mixed crew where social distancing is possible.

The other element that has been clarified by the Sport Expert Group is around the competition that is exempt from the ‘no matches’ statement in Level 3. It is for individual sports to define what is a ‘Senior Club Championship’:

“For Senior Club Championship, the over arching guiding principle to be used is Senior National Competition or equivalent”

For Sailing this would imply Class National Championship events, however the intent is for a team of 15 people to travel to another club to play a match at this level. As sailing is a mass participation Sport a National Championship could have competitors traveling form 32 Counties to a venue for the weekend which is not advised under any risk assessment process.

As this is a plan that is likely to be with us for the foreseeable future, Irish Sailing will continue to lobby for a more gradual transition between the levels for sailing.


Harry Hermon



Picture: Rusheen Bay Windsurfing