Sailing with Covid Update

Sailing with Covid Update

Update 18 September 2020

Since yesterday's update, we have been given some further clarification around social distancing measures in L2 and L3, and what competitions (in sailing terms) are exempt.

Level 2

Domestic Travel – All Ireland

Irish Sailing Training and Competition – Operating in the ‘pod’ system as we are currently and facilitate contact tracing.

Level 3

Domestic Travel – Within County Boundaries (subject to exemptions)

Irish Sailing Competition – No Competition (subject to exemptions)

Irish Sailing Training – Non-Contact Training – ie: training only where social distancing is possible. The ‘pod’ terminology used in the Government plan does not allow for a compromise of social distancing in Level 3.

All sporting activity (subject to exemptions*) should adhere to social distancing (eg single handed, same household crew or where the boat/activity is large enough to accommodate multiple households).

*Level 3 Exemptions

  • Professional - Professional Sports People or Sports people who participate within professional competition.
  • Elite - A Member of a high performance team funded by Sport Ireland.
  • Inter County Sports – Applicable to GAA only
  • Senior Club Championships – Senior National Competition – the intent being to facilitate teams operating in ‘bubbles’ traveling to a National Championship event. It is not intended to apply to mass participation events (eg Sailing National Championships).

We hope this clarifies the position, and apologies for any inconvenience. We will post any further updates as soon as we have them and we will publish the full five level plan for sailing early next week.

In the meantime any queries please direct them to

Harry Hermon

18 Sept 2020

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