Ron Hutchieson Retires and Racing Rules and Appeals Board is Launched

Ron Hutchieson Retires and Racing Rules and Appeals Board is Launched

After over 40 years of commitment to Irish Sailing, international racing administration, and much more, Ron Hutchieson has retired as chair of Irish Sailing’s Racing Rules and Appeals Board.

Ron’s many years of dedicated service to sailing is incomparable. Winkie Nixon has given a tremendous look back at Ron’s impact on sailing; the article includes some great quotes from people whose lives Ron touched over the years. You can read it here.

The work of one man and his ever-changing committee is now a team of ten in the new terms of reference for the Irish Sailing Racing Rules Committee and Appeals Board (ISRRC).

The new chair of the ISRRC Board, Gordon Davies said: “On behalf of the Irish Sailing Racing Rules Committee and Appeals Board I would like to offer Ron our thanks and appreciation for all of his contribution to our sport.

Ron Hutchieson has been “Mr Racing Rules Ireland” for many years. There is not a single judge in Irish Sailing, and few sailors, who have not been influenced by Ron at some stage in their career.

Ron has been responsible for developing the structures and procedures that govern the implementation of the racing rules here in Ireland and internationally. A new team has now been entrusted with continuing this work. We will strive to offer the same service to Irish sailors as Ron has offered, often, as befits a committed Laser sailor, single-handedly.”

The general purpose of the ISRRC is to interpret, promote the understanding of, and seek improvements to the Racing Rules of sailing. The Appeals Board will act for Irish Sailing to decide appeals, requests for confirmation and questions falling within the scope of RRS 70. Each appeal will be heard by a panel appointed from members of the ISRRC.

The Racing Rules Committee has several tasks:

  • The ISRRC will answer questions on the RRS (as long as the question is not concerning an appeal) and offer and publish guidance as necessary.
  • Work with clubs and classes who wish to develop or test proposed rules.
  • Define and monitor the implementation of policy and strategy for the RRS in Ireland.
  • Promote interest in, understanding of and compliance with the RRS. This may include providing content for Irish Sailing publications.
  • Draft submissions for Irish Sailing Prescriptions for approval by the Irish Sailing Board
  • Assist event organisers who wish to obtain approval for denial of right of appeal or for the appointment of an International Jury
  • Draft Irish Sailing submissions to World Sailing for changes to the RRS and monitor other submissions.

The Board has appointed Gordon Davies to chair the ISRRC. The members of the committee are:

  • Mike O'Connor
  • Cxema Pico
  • Chris Lindsay
  • Bill O' Hara
  • Ailbe Millerick
  • Emmet Dalton
  • Ed Alcock
  • Anthony O' Leary
  • Geoff O'Donoghue
  • Diana Kissane
  • David Lovegrove


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