Top Twenty Irish eSailors Revealed

Top Twenty Irish eSailors Revealed

The top twenty Irish eSailors are revealed in our latest Irish Sailing eSailing National Championship leaderboard. Our first eChampionships were launched in early April, and since then, 960 Irish players have signed up. The top 10 ranked Irish sailors on 1 September 2020 will automatically represent Ireland at the eSailing World Championship Finals Playoff which will take place later this month. The top 20 will now fight for the position of Irish eSailing National Champion.

The hunt is now on for our national eChampion. This will be done with two evenings of playoffs on 3rd and 10th November organised by Emmett Dalton of Howth Yacht Club. Two evenings, 6 races, 20 eSailors. The first night will be raced on J70s, followed by 49ers, and we’ll be posting the results on our website.


The Top 20 are ...

  • Jeneral
  • Headcase Cill
  • Finn Lynch
  • touche
  • Mick Farrell
  • Paul csbc
  • Graemesurf
  • Hammy Baker
  • TomFox
  • RedOne
  • Big Shaz
  • Colin O' Sullivan
  • SMH
  • Hot Scutter
  • CianMollen
  • NotAtleeKohl
  • IRL1332
  • DublinBayMermaid119
  • draymo

Irish Sailing teamed up with World Sailing and Virtual Regatta to launch the Irish eSailing National Championship in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown. The game is free to play online or as an app, and with the launch of the Irish version, people could register as Irish and aim for the top of a new Irish Leader Board. Irish Sailing want to encourage as many people as possible to get sailing. We hope that by engaging with a brand new audience of esailors, we’ll be able to convert them to real life sailors in the future.

To find out more or download the game go to:

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