Teenagers to the Rescue

Teenagers to the Rescue

The future of sailing is in good hands....

At a time when teenagers are getting a really hard time in many parts of the media, we'd like to highlight that many, many young people have been out on the water all summer, busy and active, and acting responsibly. We like to shout out to an amazing group of young sailors who rescued a father who was trying to rescue his son in Cork Harbour last Sunday. The future of sailing is in good hands. Well done.

We've attached the interview on the RTE Ray D'Arcy Show below with Jamie Venner and Richard McSweeney - you can skip to 0.17.01. https://www.rte.ie/radio/radioplayer/html5/#/radio1/21823703

Every one of the teenagers had their Irish Sailing National Powerboat certificate (L-R) ... 

  • Cillian Foster
  • Richard McSweeney (skipper)
  • Kate Horgan
  • Harry Pritchard (seated)
  • Jamie Venner

And you can read some articles here:

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