CAI 2020 Cruise in Company Sets Sail

CAI 2020 Cruise in Company Sets Sail

Malahide to Bangor

The Cruising Association of Ireland members provided eachother with the most amazing support during lockdown and are now out sailing together in safe waters and safe company.

One of the joys of 'Cruising in Company' is the support of fellow sailors, sharing knowledge, advice and of course the camaraderie.

Sharing weather, tidal and maintenance advice makes it all so much easier and fun, yet you can keep to your own little world on board as you enjoy your cruise and a nights kip in your own bunk.

The cruise was to have been to Scotland in July but better late than never, and slightly less distant, they are away with 16 boats registered.

Their summer Cruise in Company commenced with a carefully social distanced social evening at Malahide Yacht Club and their next port of call is Carlingford. Singing is currently banned so the usual “Malahide Warblers” quintet was unable to perform, not even a tin whistle!  But the night still went very well and everyone was just glad to be back doing what they do best – cruising.

The CAI has been very active since Covid came in during March with a succession of Tuesday night talks and presentations on Zoom with about 50 members logging in each night. Membership has increased by 15 during the lockdown which is bucking the trend certainly. So the Club is in good shape and increasingly popular with cruising sailors from many yacht clubs around the coast who wish to enjoy the safety and camaraderie of cruising in company. The next stop on the cruise is Carlingford. This will take place tomorrow Friday given the fresh NE winds forecast for today.  Friday night is the second of the entertainment venues to be held in the Club House in Carlingford Marina, which is being opened to accommodate the 50 sailors. The cruise will visit Carlingford, Belfast City Abercorn Marina, Carrickfergus and Bangor culminating in a dinner in the Royal Ulster YC by kind permission of the commodore and committee.

Any cruising sailor can join the CAI easily at their website for thirty euro per annum. 

You can follow the CAI and their adventures on their blog - first post here


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