NEW Safety on the Water Web site

The new Safety on the Water website has been launched this morning (Friday 31 July) in Galway by the Minister of Transport, Hilde Naughton. The website, is a collaboration between the Coast Guard, RNLI, Water Safety Ireland, Irish Sailing and BIM, and provides a one stop shop for all marine safety information in order to minimise accidents and to prevent the loss of life with information on what to do in an emergency and how to plan water based activities.

Over the last ten years, 1,200 people drowned in Ireland, an average of 10 every month with many drownings happening quickly, silently and in cooler water with hidden currents that impairs the ability to swim and float. These losses bring unspeakable hardship and sufferings on families and friends and they are preventable.

Minister Naughton referenced the advice of the Coast Guard and Water Safety Ireland “that water based inflatable devices present a clear risk to the public. The Coast Guard and the RNLI deal with a large number of inflatable related callouts. Please heed their advice and leave them at home. They are not suitable for use at the seaside or at any open waterways”

If you see somebody in trouble on the water or along the coast or if you think they are in trouble, Dial 112 or use Channel 16 Marine VHF and ask for the Coast Guard.

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