Environmental Learning Support for Instructors

Environmental Learning Support for Instructors

Environment, Science and Sailing

Learning to sail is more than a sport. Sailing creates an awareness of our environment and the importance of looking after our waters.

The World Sailing Sustainability Education programme and Cara na Mara have a wealth of resources available to help instructors, families and educators share a greater understanding of our environment.

Cara na Mara

Cara na Mara is an on the water and shoreside training programme that delivers the basics sailing skills, seamanship, environmental awareness and science for 6 to 10 year olds. This programme follows the Irish Sailing syllabus and much more.

There are 4 levels with sea mammal names. Each one follows the Irish Sailing small boat sailing syllabus and marries up with the National School syllabus. 

  • Cara na Mara Otters
  • Cara na Mara Seals
  • Cara na Mara Dolphins
  • Cara na Mara Orcas

Workbooks are available to purchase from Irish Sailing for each of the levels. See the gallery at the bottom of this page for a few sample workbook pages.

If you would like to purchase the workbooks email training@sailing.ie. 

Cara Na Mara Coaching Support Documentation HERE


World Sailing Sustainability Education

The World Sailing Sustainability Education series provides a set of FREE downloadable booklets and worksheets for young sailors and trainers guides for instructors, families and educators, to help young sailors learn about wider environmental issues that can affect the sport as well as those areas where the sport can make a positive impact.

  1. Race with World Sailing, learning about different kinds of events and boats
  2. Resources & Climate Change
  3. Navigating Wildlife & Biodiversity
  4. Reducing Waste
  5. Oil and Fuel
  6. Boat Cleaning & Maintenance

All Booklets Worksheets and Trainers Guides can be found here as PDF downloads FREE OF CHARGE for everyone to use. 

World Sailing Sustainability Education Resources HERE



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