Phase 4 of Governments Roadmap Defferal

Phase 4 of Governments Roadmap Defferal

Update Friday 17th July 2020:

Phase 4 of Governments Roadmap deferred to 10th August

The Government has announced that the planned transition to Phase 4 of the roadmap for the lifting of restrictions has been deferred to  the 10th August. For Irish Sailing this will mean that only those Sailing Clubs serving food will be able to open their clubhouse bars for the next three weeks. It also means that the relaxation on certain travel restrictions will also be deferred.

The two key issues Irish Sailing is currently working on is for consistency on current travel restrictions and clarity on the distribution of the Governments €70m subvention package for sport.

Under current restrictions for Overseas Travel “The arrival of personal non-national maritime leisure vessels is banned (with exceptions such as 'port in a storm')”. Essentially it is possible for foreigners to crew on someone else’s boat if they travel to Ireland by plane or ferry (after a period of quarantine), but not if they sail their own boat into an Irish Port or Harbour. We are told the Department of Sport will be discussing this directly with their colleagues in Maritime as part of the advancements on travel, however we still do not have a timeline on when this anomaly will be addressed.

There is still no clarity on the criteria for the distribution of the €70 funding package for Sport announced on 20th June. This funding package will support the sport sector through:

  • funding of up to €40 million for the three main field sports organisations – the FAI, the GAA and the IRFU;
  • a Resilience Fund of up to €10 million to support the national governing bodies of sport,
  • a Sports Club Resilience Fund of up to €15 million to support clubs; and
  • a Sports Restart and Renewal Fund of up to €5m.

The NGB funds will be administrated through Sport Ireland and the club grants through the NGBs. We have been told the provisional timeline on this is – criteria for funding to be confirmed by the end of July, applications to be in by September and funds will be distributed in October. We anticipate we will know the criteria and be in a position to seek help from clubs to build the case for funding to support sailing early in August.

Safe sailing and #sailsmart

Harry Hermon, CEO Irish Sailing

Picture: Lough Derg Yacht Club

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