Be Careful Using  Visitor's Moorings This Summer

Be Careful Using Visitor's Moorings This Summer

Be Careful Using Visitors Moorings

Due to COVID 19 there have been a number of delays in servicing the visitor's moorings by County Councill coastal engineering departments and many private moorings.

We recommend you take caution when relying on an unknown or unserviced mooring.

The South and West Coast Visitor Moorings are listed on our web site HERE on are kept as up to date as possible.

We made contact with the engineers each year and all updates are published on the page.

We have the following replies so far from the request for an update -

  • Donegal - Moorings are expected to be serviced by early August
  • Mayo - all Moorings are lifted and will not be dropped again in 2020, they will be dropped in 2021.
  • Galway - Engineers assure us they moorings are in good condition.
  • Clare - No reply yet.
  • Kerry - the Moorings will NOT be serviced in 2020.
  • Cork - no reply yet.

We will post updates as soon as we get replies from Galway, Clare and Cork.

Each County Council is working in difficult circumstances and are working with delays and reduced budgets, so we need to be patient.

If you want good advice on Anchoring, we can recommend Happy Hooking by Alex and Daria Blackwell from County Mayo

We highly recommend you have good pilot books on board, so you can plan safe anchorage as your cruising our amazing coastline. ICC Publications will look after you.

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