Senior Instructor Briefings

Senior Instructor Briefings

Supporting Senior Instructors for the Season Ahead

Now that activity is thankfully back underway and we can tentatively look forward to a busier season than we might previously have hoped it is important to check in and make sure we are safe and familiar with the changes to normal operations required in the current situation.

We will be holding Senior Instructor Briefings via Zoom on Tuesday and Wednesday evening of next week. The purpose of the briefing will be to highlight the procedures that should be in place to manage COVID-19 restrictions, ensure normal safe operating procedures are not compromised and share tips and tricks to provide the best learning environment possible for participants.

To keep numbers in each briefing manageable there will be two sessions:

  • Tuesday June 23rd 19:00 – 20:30
  • Wednesday June 24th 19:00 – 20:30

We would strongly recommend that all Senior Instructors active in running courses this season attend the briefing. In order to help in managing the number in each session please email with the briefing you would like to attend and the invite link will be sent to you.

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