Representing You

Representing You

Working with the Federation of Irish Sports

In the Dail on June 11th The Federation of Irish Sport's call for a resilience fund was acknowledged by Minister Griffin, and both he and Minister Ross referenced the challenges the sport sector is facing and their awareness of the requirement for a fund for Sport. A number of opposition TD’s also referenced the fund and their support for same. All spokespeople from a cross sector of Irish politics referenced the significant work sport organisations, clubs and volunteers have undertaken during covid19 and the telling impact that has had on Irish communities.

Both Minister Ross and Minister Griffin referred to the fact that they had made representation on the Sports sectors behalf for a package for sport.

Other topics in relation to Covid19 discussed were social distancing, Mass participation events, Insurance rebates, Business restart grants, Sports Capital fund.

Irish Sailing are closely affiliated with the Federation of Irish Sport, who are continuing to work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure a resilience fund for sport and physical activity will be achieved.


You can watch the broadcast back -  please click on June 11th and the below broadcasts

  • dail_20200611T182237.001031.mp4      2020-06-11 18:22    485.7 MB – Opening session – forward to 19.40 secs for start of the session
  • dail_20200611T192237.001032.mp4      2020-06-11 19:22    485.7 MB – Second hour
  • dail_20200611T202237.001033.mp4      2020-06-11 20:22    485.7 MB – third hour   

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