Long Live the Stig

Long Live the Stig

The Stig is dead, long live the Stig!

Heads have rolled in a most dramatic twist over the last week IRL55248 has been dethroned. The mighty have fallen. A new Stig has risen. The unidentified 'Pop Eye' has been stretching the edge lines of human performance to methodically perch himself atop of the Irish eSailing National leaderboard. 

When asked about the succession of 'Pop Eye' IRL55248 was quoted as group messaging 

'I probably made seven mistakes this week, all for different reasons and I paid the price but it's better to have won for a day than to never have won at all. '. 

In group message response Pop Eye quipped 

'He lived by the sword so he died by the sword, there's a new order in town and i'll spare no quarter' apparently a reference the Maverick tactical style of IRL55248.”


Without a name behind Pop Eye what can we read into him? In fact quite a lot. If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the tactic decisions echo the virtues and vices of character. In Pop Eye we have been witness to a tactical triumph of character. 

Lets see how we can profile the deadly tactics of IRL55248 versus those good choices of Pop Eye. This way we can build towards finding their identity in real life. We may even see some of IRL55248 in ourselves...

Pride ...

... the most serious and original tactical sin. Infiltration of Ego. The series killer. Pop Eye never hung on out to a risky corner against a permanent shift to try to save face. It happened once early in his eSailing career. Never to be seen again.

Greed ... 

... a sin of tactical desire. When the going is good Pop Eye never strays too far from the fleet. Enough gain is enough risk.

Wrath ...

... emotional contamination of decision making. Commonly known in eSports as eRage. Can be caused by annoyance with one's self, the tactical cards the ethernet has dealt you or more commonly just bad wifi.

Sloth ... 

... tactical laziness. Pop Eye methodically checks the start line and race track. They won't be caught out! It is believed IRL 55248 has been known to reply to whatsapps pre-start.

Lust ...

... a sin of tactical distraction. The desire for results sends the eSailor to a dreamlike state. Imagining winning and the glory right when its time to hit the start line. On the contrary, the closer Pop Eye gets to victory the sharper their skills.

Envy ...

... an insatiable desire to have someone else's wind. Manifests in habitually ditching the race plan. When the grass is a little greener on the other side of the race course Pop Eye can hold their nerve, wait for their moment and keep their distance sailed to the next mark nicely in perspective.


With a name like Pop Eye suggests one of two things... either they figure they are in some sense a strongman or simply the Stig likes beans!


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