Irish Sailing Training Notice 20.2

Irish Sailing Training Notice 20.2

3rd APRIL 2020

Emergency Care requirements for certification of Irish Sailing Instructors (SBSS, NPTS, GWS) 

In view of the restrictions imposed by the efforts to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus the following adjustments have been made to the Emergency Care certification requirements for Irish Sailing instructors undertaking instructor training courses during the 2020 season.

This also applies to currently qualified instructors with Emergency Care certification due for revalidation at this time.

Newly Qualifying Instructors

The requirement to hold an emergency care certificate for certification of Irish Sailing Instructors will be suspended for newly qualifying instructors.

  • Instructor qualifications issued will only be valid until 31/3/21
  • Instructor qualifications will be recorded on the Irish Sailing databased and listed under the Valid Instructors page on the Irish Sailing website. Physical certificates will not be issued until Emergency Care certification has been completed
  • All other pre-requisites including Garda Vetting (still being processed) and Safeguarding (online if necessary) must be in place

Currently Qualified Instructors

The requirement to hold a valid Emergency Care certificate for instructor certification to be valid has been suspended for those whose Emergency Care requires revalidation at this time.

In this situation it is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that the Emergency Care certificate is revalidated as soon as possible once normal activity resumes.

Training Centre Responsibilities

With the above arrangements in place it is the responsibility of the Training Centres to ensure that there are a sufficient number of Emergency Care qualified persons on site and accessible to all courses while training activities are taking place.




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