Race Official Policy Group News March 2020

Race Official Policy Group News March 2020

Race Official Policy Group News
Edition 3 ~ March 2020

Keeping you up to date on the activities and plans of the Irish Sailing Race Official Policy Group

Eurosaf Race Officer Exchanges

Eurosaf is a not-for-profit organisation set up to coordinate, develop, promote, and foster the sport of sailing in all forms in Europe. See http://www.eurosaf.org  As part of its remit Eurosaf organises the exchange of race officials between nations so that each can benefit from the experience of involvement in sailing events outside their home country and bring some of the gained experience back home.
At a recent exchange meeting of Eurosaf hosted by Irish Sailing President Jack Roy, four applications for exchanges were approved and agreed as follows:

  • Barry MacNeaney NRO to South East Open Optimist Championship fleet racing event in Serbia
  • Suzanne McGarry NRO to Icebreaker Cup (Grade 3) match racing event in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Michael Tyrrell NRO to RS Elite Grand Slam, Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes, Isle of Wight,  fleet racing event. 

If you would like to become involved in an exchange please contact Sarah-Louise Rossiter sl.rossiter@sailing.ie An invitation to this is sent out late every year.
There is generally strong interest in Irish race officials at European events as our standard of race management has a high reputation. Judges and umpires are particularly in demand and usually there is a reasonable, but not generous, allowance towards expenses.

Qualifying Race Officials

Congratulations to..

  • Michele Kennelly (KYC) – Regional Race Officer
  • Owen Delany (Lough Ree) – Regional Race Officer
  • Patrick Mc Caughey (HYC) – Local Race Officer
  • Sarah-Louise Rossiter (WHBTC) – Regional Safety Leader
  • Declan Traynor – Local Race Officer
  • Declan Traynor – Local Mark Layer
  • Declan Traynor – Regional Safety Leader
  • Ian Rossiter (WHBTC) – Regional Safety Leader
  • John Casey (WHBTC) – Regional Safety Leader
  • Ciarán Mc Sweeney (MBSC) – Regional Safety Leader
  • Philip Scallan (WHBTC) – National Safety Leader

 There are more applications awaiting confirmation of pre-requisites.

New Safety Leaders

In this issue we can reveal a new qualification – that of Local, Regional and National Safety Leader. As mentioned previously, your ROPG has been working to develop a qualification for safety leader – someone who is trained in dealing with safety issues that arise in relation to running sailing events who will be involved in planning before and then at an event. 16 people attended a course run jointly by ASL Safety in Arklow and Irish Sailing. The ROPG would particularly like to thank Philip Scallan for all his work on putting all this in place. There will be more courses advertised soon.  So far our safety leaders are: 

  • Philip Scallan (WHBC) – National Safety Leader
  • Declan Traynor – Regional Safety Leader
  • Sarah-Louise Rossiter (WHBC) – Regional Safety Leader
  • Ian Rossiter (WHBC) – Regional Safety Leader
  • John Casey (WHBC) – Regional Safety Leader
  • Ciaran McSweeney (MBSC) – Regional Safety Leader

Racing Results

On 29th of February, Dara Totterdell and Ian Bowring held a half-day training session in the RStGYC in Dun Laoghaire.  The session described the features and use of the Sailwave (https://www.sailwave.com) results and scoring software. Would anyone have an interest in attending if another can be organised? 
The ROPG is interested to know what software programs clubs are using to calculate scores and results.

Event Insurance & Volunteers

While competitors and members are usually (and should be!) covered by the host clubs insurance either as club members or as honorary members for the event, there is a question about the status of volunteers and other helpers who may not be club members and obviously will not be competitors.  Clubs and event organisers should check with their insurers that such helpers are covered by the club’s or event insurance and maybe consider making these helpers honorary members along with competitors.   As ever, when dealing with insurance, clubs and officials are advised to be sure about the position and leave nothing to chance.

International Event Guidelines

Guidelines for running all international events - events that have “World”, “European” or similar words in the title - must be run in accordance with World Sailing requirements.  Irish Sailing board has recently approved guidelines drafted by your ROPG which give effect to the World Sailing requirements.  These guidelines can be viewed and downloaded at https://www.sailing.ie/Library/Racing

Olympic Race Official Representation

Congratulations to International Judge and International Umpire Chris Lindsay on his selection as a Technical Official for the Tokyo Olympics. The delay is disappointing for everyone and we are looking forward to the rescheduled event in 2021.

Race Event Management & Support Conference 2020

Following the cancellation of the Race Event Management & Support Conference has been cancelled. We want to thank you all for your effort in registering to attend the conference and we hope to go ahead with it later in the year or early next year when we know more of the situation. A huge amount of work has gone into the preparation for this conference so we hope that it won’t be too long before we can re-organise it all.
This link will give further information on the direction that Irish Sailing are taking with all of its planned activities for the foreseeable future.
https://www.sailing.ie/Coronavirus Information page


  1. You need to log onto this page: https://irishsailing.checklick.com/
  2. Scroll down to the second box
  3. Select create account affiliating to Irish Sailing Passport.
  4. Let me know you have done this (I don’t get an alert for new registrations) so that I can start ticking the boxes of your completed courses.

Sarah Louise is available to assist in any way, please feel free to get in touch directly and she will be happy to help you sl.rossiter@sailing.ie.
We will get in touch with you later in the year to check your availability for proposed new dates for the conference. Again, many thanks for your enthusiasm and efforts and we look forward to re-convening in the not too distant future.

We have updated the revalidation date for everybody that had registered to attend to the 21.03.2024. This is done on the Sailing Passport system. We can only do this for the people that are registered in this system. If you are not on the system but would like to be or interested in becoming a race official, the process is very simple.

Whiskey, You’re my Darling

The idea is that Flag W is flown by the committee when almost all competitors have finished and the race officer wants to get on with another race but must wait because a few stragglers are still racing.
See slides with some useful advise on use HERE.


The Race Officials Policy Group (ROPG) is the subcommittee of Irish Sailing which looks after race management and all race officials’ qualifications. It is made up of the IS President Jack Roy, representatives of each of the six race official disciplines recognised by Irish Sailing. Irish Sailing’s Racing Officer, Sarah-Louise Rossiter, is secretary and convenor. It meets four times a year. The current chairman is David Lovegrove, former Irish Sailing President.  The ROPG itself is governed by terms of reference approved by the main board of Irish Sailing.

Race Officials Policy Group Members: David Lovegrove (Chair), Jack Roy (Irish Sailing Board Rep), Michael O’Connor, Gordon Davies, Ailbe Millerick, Mal Nowlan, Fergus O’Kelly, Philip Scallan, Liam Maloney and Ciarán McSweeney. Sarah-Louise Rossiter in attendance.




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