Home and Self Distancing

Home and Self Distancing

Update on the Irish Sailing Team ...

Home and Self-distancing

Last Wednesday March 11th we sent out an unusual communication to our six Irish Sailing team members training in Palma:  “the virus situation in Spain is changing very quickly…….please standby for update in the morning”.

Overnight our medical team led by Dr. Joe Conway did more research and everything pointed to a massive escalation of restrictions in Spain. We took the decision to get everyone home and communicated on Thursday morning “ Please return from PALMA ASAP, ideally today…… boats as if for long term winter storage…….not leaving now means high risk of being stranded….” By 1400hrs that day the regatta was cancelled and there was a panic to get off Mallorca. Thankfully all our team returned safely. They are now in self- isolation from HQ and other team members. Meanwhile, everyone is set up to be able to train from home in the event of a complete lockdown. Any activity now is taking place under strict protocol. Hand washing and social distancing taking centre stage.

It can be a frustrating and uncertain time for the athletes with calls for the Olympics to be postponed and qualifiers cancelled. But this is a global problem and we want to be part of the global solution. We are doing our best to stay fit and healthy and hope all our supporters and friends are able to do the same. If the Olympics goes ahead we will be ready. If it does not, it will be for a good reason and we will plan for the next challenge.