20x20 Club Charter

20x20 Club Charter

Inviting ALL Clubs to Show Your Stripes

Get your club a 20x20 flag and show your support for Women in Sport

Calling on all sports clubs to Show Your Stripes Clubs and have a real positive impact on women and girls in sport and physical activity across all sports/physical activity on the island of Ireland.

20×20 is excited to offer your club the opportunity to champion the 20×20 movement in your community. We know that sports clubs are the heartbeat of many of our communities. They make sport happen in towns, villages and cities across the island of Ireland every day. Your club can have a real and lasting impact on women and girls in your community becoming more physically active and more involved in sport both on and off the pitch/ court/ playing grounds.

What does this mean?

Your club has an opportunity to sign a 20×20 Charter committing to support women and girls in sport in your area. See Club Charter and additional information here.

Once we receive and verify your signed Charter, your club will receive a 20×20 Club Flag which you can fly at your club, hang outside your club house or use at events showing your community and your members that your club supports and encourages women and girls in your sport. You will also receive a Charter to hang in your club house and a logo to use on social media and on your website.

What’s next?

Simply fill in 20×20 Clubs Charter which is accessible HERE.

Further information Q&A for clubs:

•          Is the 20x20 Club Charter compulsory? No

•          Do I have to report on the club charter commitments if we sign up? No, but we would love to hear from you and the work that you are doing.

•          What if there isn’t agreement in our club on signing the 20x20 Charter and there is a real potential for conflict? The 20x20 Club Charter should be seen as an opportunity to discuss women and girls’ participation and profile within the club. We encourage you to commit to changes that do not impact negatively on relationships or the running of the club. If you are experiencing any difficulties then gradual changes over time may be an option.

Thanks for your continued support of 20x20 and Women in Sport


20x20 Club Charter HERE