Performance Boats Ship Around the World

Performance Boats Ship Around the World

Performance Boats Ship Around the World

If you are competing as an international boxer you travel with your gloves. A sprinter travels with a pair of runners. But a sailor? Well, they have a lot of kit. A lot of delicate kit. A lot of delicate kit that is a really odd shape.

The Irish Sailing Team has been helped by Hyland Shipping who provide all our shipping logistics at zero profit. Managing Director Tino Hyland has been helping the teams since 2008, making sure the dinghies and support boats get to where they need to be for events all over the world.

The team organise their Europe transport themselves, but Hyland step in for long-haul destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, America, Brazil, Japan etc.

Who packs the container and how?

The sailors pack the containers themselves, but are often supervised by Tino. As the dinghies are fragile, packing has to be efficient and cost effective. “It’s like a giant 3d jigsaw” says Tino, “Fitting it all into a container is a big challenge, and everything has to be tied down to the walls and ceiling to keep secure. It is pretty stuffed with very little air, but still needs to be 110% secure.”

Tino remarked “I have learnt that sailing is very much teamwork off the water in order to achieve goals on the water. And this applies at every level of sailing. It really is amazing for personal development and a great lesson for future employment.”

What difficulties are there in shipping boats for a competitive team?

“Timelines are often tight. Another particular concern is keeping items clean. This sounds simple, but when a trailer is in a yard for any period of time it has to be completely flushed clean before being shipped to another country, to ensure there are no contaminants” observes Tino.

In addition, health and safety standards have to be exceptionally high as there is a lot of lifting and pulley systems used to position the boats and equipment.

Thanks for the support

Hyland Shipping

Here are a few tips traveling with your own boats by road?

  1. Ensure your boat it is insured;
  2. Insure before you buy (even if you are using a transport company, they are not responsible damage in transit);
  3. Have an under and over cover to avoid road chips jumping up and damaging your gel coat;
  4. Tie everything down firmly, but not too firmly as you will easily damage your boat;
  5. Find out where ribs are on your boat and put them on the trailer in the correct place;
  6. Check your lighting board is working and ensure it isn’t swinging and hitting your boat;
  7. Double-check the straps 😊;
  8. Check the wheel bearings on your trailer (weekend trailer repairs ain’t gonna happen);
  9. Have a good safety line on the tow bar;
  10. Check your width is legal, especially if you are traveling across Europe;
  11. Are you licensed to tow?
  12. Check the RSA requirements for full requirements and recommendations.