2019 Irish Sailing Finance

2019 Irish Sailing Finance

Money In, Money Out

We are pleased to publish our finance infographic for 2019. This illustration shows how money comes into Irish Sailing, and how it gets spent, and by doing so, we hope to answer some commonly asked questions:

The clubs pay for Irish Sailing, right ?

Yes, and no. A third of Irish Sailing’s income to the main organisation comes from the clubs. Our other sources are direct from Sport Ireland, and through the services we provide (Garda vetting, certificates and courses).  The Performance programme is funded completely separately. 

So why does all my club membership money get spent on Performance sailing ?

Simply put – it doesn’t. All money that comes in from Irish Sailing affiliated clubs goes right back out to clubs through projects and resources such as the Try Sailing programme, club coaching, training and racing development, club development, funding, volunteer training, workshops, events and conferences (eg the Cruising Conference, Race Officials conference, Irish Sailing Awards etc). Club money also supports the work we do in lobbying and representation, and ensuring our freedom on the water is protected.

What are “Activities” ?

These are the certificates, courses and documents required to participate in sailing. You may need Garda vetting and Safeguarding courses that government require volunteers to complete. You may want to undertake a training course and refresh your skills. Or you may need a sail number or handicap to compete.

What’s the Irish Sailing Foundation ?

The Irish Sailing Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Irish Sailing which generates financial resources for the Performance teams. Last March the Irish Sailing Performance HQ was opened in Dun Laoghaire. This is a new home for the Performance teams and was entirely funded by the Irish Sailing Foundation through individual philanthropic donations.

So what does Irish Sailing spend money on, and how does it affect me as a sailor ?

  • Support at every level – we support all levels and interests; from racing to cruising, classes to clubs, youth to seniors, dinghies to keelboats, beginners to Olympians
  • Training and Coaching – we encourage maximum participation through our 105 x training centres that run training programmes developed by Irish Sailing, and which are formally recognised by the Irish Government with tailored campaigns for sailors, powerboaters and windsurfers of all ages and ability
  • Expertise: we receive and advise on over 12,500 calls and face-to-face enquiries each year
  • High Performance: our Performance Pathway is home to the development of Olympic, Academy, Youth and Junior squads
  • Racing: our members have access to the Racing Rules of Sailing through our affiliation to World Sailing. We set and maintain the standards for race management and safety, and train all Race Officials, thus ensuring that Ireland maintains internationally respected systems and qualifications for organising events
  • Freedom on the water – we lobby and represent our sport at national and international level so that we can manage the threat (and costs) of restrictive legislation and ensure our freedom on the water is maintained

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