Full House at the 2020 Cruising Conference

Full House at the 2020 Cruising Conference

Full House

The Irish Sailing Cruising Conference enjoyed a full house and a packed agenda on Saturday 15th February. 

The venue was a big 'cozy', but the National Yacht Club did a fantastic job of catering for everyone in the conference room and with an excellent lunch.

Each of the speakers dedicated their own personal time to the preparation and presentation on the day. It is great to hear and see the adventures of others and to share the knowledge they have learnt along the way. A massive thank you to each of them for such a commitment to sharing with our cruising sailors.

The presentations from the day are available in PDF form and if you want to re-live the event you can go to Saturday 15th Feb on our Facebook channel, brew up a big pot of tea and sit back to watch the event that was recorded live. (We will be downloading this and putting it up in smaller chunks later this month.)

Winkie Nixon summed up the event for us in Afloat.ie here - https://afloat.ie/sail/cruising/item/45420-irish-sailing-s-cruising-conference-at-national-yacht-club-provides-inspiring-visions-of-far-horizons

The sponsorship of Union Chandlery and support from Cruising Association of Ireland and Kilrush Marina, helped to bring this event to everyone this year.

Coming to Cork in 2021

In post-event feedback survey ...

  • 83% said they would attend the next Cruising Conference
  • 17% said maybe
  • 0% said no 😊

See you all next year and watch this space for the exciting line we are already planning.

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