Advanced Race Management – Technology, Equipment

Advanced Race Management – Technology, Equipment

Are you interested in Race Management and the "magic gadgets and gizmos" ?

As you may have seen in the Conference programme (HERE), there will be a session on “Advanced Race Management – Technology, Equipment and what to do with it!” at the forthcoming Race Event Management & Support Conference.  The session will be led by Mal Nowlan, National Mark Layer and will be light-hearted (hopefully) and informative (also hopefully!).

While Mal will have his own favourite gadgets, gizmos and tips, and how to get the best (or worst) out of them he is asking if you have any special gadgets or tricks that you will share – that’s good ones – or bad ones - to warn off others.  If you have any tips or ideas please email them to me and attach photos or videos if you can. 

  • What have you given a  thumbs up to?

  • And a thumbs down to?

There will be a prize at the talk for the best response :)

Can we have your replies by 29 February to please?

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