The latest news on white diesel

The latest news on white diesel

The latest news on white diesel

@ 17 Feb 2020


Some very good news has arrived in the past week - the marinas at Kilmore Quay and Kilrush are switching their pumps to white. In particular, this provides a welcome source of fuel midway between Dun Laoghaire and Cork, at a strategically placed harbour which is a key landfall port. Lawrence Cove Marina has also recently announced that it will provide white diesel in cans in 2020. Howth and Dun Laoghaire marinas, at least two at Crosshaven, and at least one in Kinsale, will have white diesel available from their pumps. Oil suppliers at Castletownbere, Bantry and Dingle will have white diesel available by tanker on the same basis as they used to supply green - in modest quantities and at relatively short notice. At Dingle, and also at Carlingford, white diesel will be available in cans.


The Revenue has also stated that they will "on an operational basis, allow [leisure craft] owners to use MGO [green diesel] that was in a craft's fuel tanks before the end of 2019" but also that "it is anticipated that such residue will be used up very quickly."

The first statement is very welcome, but the second is based raises some concerns of the understanding of the way in which leisure craft - as opposed to road vehicles - are used and refuelled.

Pay Your 2019 Tax

In order to protect against any possible future prosecution for misuse of green diesel, leisure sailors are offered the following advice.

  • Before the deadline of March 1, pay the additional excise duty on your purchases of green diesel in 2019. Go into the Revenue website, and in the Search box enter "private pleasure navigation" or "form PPN1".
  • Fill in the form with the details of source and quantity (you don't need receipts from the suppliers).
  • The current rate of tax is 47.9c per litre.
  • Send the form into the Revenue
  • The easiest way to pay the tax and get a receipt is to use the Revenue Online Service ROS. Find a page with "Marked Gas Oil tax", pay by bank transfer, take a screenshot of the payment page, print it and keep a copy aboard the boat.
  • If you don't have a ROS account, either open one or send a cheque. Hopefully, awareness of the system within the Revenue (which up to now has been very poor) will improve if there is a sudden rush of payments, but it has in the past sometimes been difficult to get a receipt. In any event, keep written proof that you have paid.
  • Measure your current tank contents, and then keep a log of your engine hours, diesel consumption and purchases. Buy only white diesel. Quayside suppliers and tankers will, in any case, refuse to put green diesel in the tank of a leisure vessel.
  • In the event that your tank is dipped by the Customs and you are accused of using green diesel when in fact what you have is a mixture, insist on a quantitative measurement of the mix. They can do this easily by measuring the concentration of a marker called Accutrace, which is added to green diesel along with the dye.
  • If you have diesel in your tank from another jurisdiction, such as red from the UK, it is considered very unlikely that the Customs will be concerned. Tax paid diesel from Spain (Gasoleo A) is faintly green in colour, but apart from that, nobody else in Europe uses a green dye.

Thanks goes to Irish Sailing's Cruising and Representation Policy Group representative - Norman Keane of ICC Publications for his diligent research into this subject.

Picture: White diesel tank at Royal Cork Yacht Club, Crosshaven

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The List @ 18 Feb 2020 (likely to change again soon)

  • Malahide Marina
  • Howth Yacht Club
  • Dun Laoghaire Marina
  • Arklow will fill your cans
  • Kilmore Quay
  • Salve Marine currently changing pump
  • Royal Cork Yacht Club
  • Cork Harbour Marina (Monkstown) will fill your cans
  • East Ferry is changing over
  • Castlepark Marina
  • Castletownbere – delivery by Beara Oil
  • Bantry Marina - delivery by Biggs Oil
  • Dingle Marina – cans and tanker delivery by McSeeeney Oils
  • Kilrush Marina - self service tank
  • Rossaveal

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