The latest from our 11 strong performance team in Australia

The latest from our 11 strong performance team in Australia

Keeping you up to speed on the 11 strong performance team competing in Australia 

Sunday 23 February

Move on over to HERE and follow Annalise, Aisling, Aoife and Eve at the 2020 ILCA Laser Radial World Championships

Sunday 16 February

Final day at the 2020 Laser World Championships in Melbourne today. Overall results for the Irish Team were Finn Lynch 31st in the Gold Fleet, and Ewan McMahon and Liam Glynn 31st and 32nd in the Silver Fleet respectively. The event was won by Germany's Philipp Buhl. Full results here:


Saturday 15 February

After a cold, wet and windy day in Melbourne at the 2020 Laser World Championships, Finn Lynch has slipped down to 30th place. Pressure slowly built during the day from 18 knots to around 25 knots by the end of the afternoon, blowing from the south, and three races were completed. Three more races are scheduled for tomorrow with conditions likely to be similar to today. In the silver fleet, Liam Glynn lies in 19th and Ewan McMahon in 39th.

In the final day of the 49er World Championships in Geelong, Ryan Seaton and Seafra Guilfoyle finished overall in 30th place, with Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove in 44th.


Friday 14 February

No racing at today at the 2020 Laser Worlds as thunderstorms hit Melbourne.

Scheduled to be the first day of Gold Fleet racing, which brings together the best 42 sailors at the event, it instead became a day of watch and wait for Finn Lynch, Ewan McMahon and Liam Glynn. Racing will start an hour earlier than scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, with three races now scheduled for those days. If they are successful, the full complement of 12 races will be sailed.

Racing was also abandoned for the 49er World Championship in Geelong. Now everything lies on the final day of racing tomorrow.


Thursday 13 February

Finn Lynch goes into the Gold Fleet at the 2020 Laser World Championships in Melbourne Australia after day 3 of racing. Another two races down and Finn scored a 7th and a 20th – the latter he discarded to place in 22nd position overall. The forecast for the first day of Gold Fleet sailing tomorrow is not encouraging. There is likely to be little wind, but with thunderstorms and rain showers expected to sweep across the course area. We’ll keep you posted.

The fleet now splits into three, with Ewan McMahon and Liam Glynn moving into the Silver Fleet. All results here:

Over the in the 49er World Championships, Ryan Seaton and Seafra Guilfoyle have moved up to the top of the silver fleet, with Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove slipping to 40th place. All results here:


Wednesday 12 February: midway point for the 49ers at the 2020 49er 49erfx and Nacra 17 World Championships in Geelong, Victoria. After six races the fleet now splits into Gold and Silver Fleet. Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove lie in 26th place which means they miss the Gold Fleet by one place (the top 25 teams go into Gold Fleet). Ryan Seaton and Seafra Guilfoyle are in 34th place.

The third day saw steady rain, grey skies and mist which affected the visibility on the bay. The sun then broke through and the fleet saw up to 18 knots of SSE wind in the afternoon session (Wednesday February 12). Full results here:…

Meanwhile in Melbourne, the 2020 Laser World Championships Live'STREAM! Men's Sailing ILCA Laser World Championships 2020, # had a day of strong but shifting winds and after four races, Finn Lynch Sailing is in 20th place. Each day has two races; after six qualification races the fleet is divided into gold, silver and bronze fleets. The forecast for tomorrow is for strong winds, which should ensure that the final two qualifying races can be completed. Ewan McMahon and Liam Glynn lie in 76th and 80th place respectively. Full results here:

And not too far down the road in Melbourne, Annalise Murphy, Aisling Keller, Aoife Hopkins and Eve McMahon are in training and for the upcoming ILCA Laser World Championships that start on 23 February.

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Tuesday 11th February. A great first day of racing for Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove at the 2020 49er 49erfx and Nacra 17 World Championships in Geelong, Australia, with a bullet (first place), a fourth and 22nd leaving them 16th in the rankings so far. The championships have had a frustrating start, with all racing suspended on day 1. There’s at least one more day of qualifying races before the fleet is divided into Gold and Silver fleets, and racing finishes on Saturday 15 February. Ryan Seaton and Seafra lie in 51st place. Full results here:

Meanwhile the first day of racing at the LiveStream 2020 ILCA Laser Standard Men's World Championship Melbourne , @2020 has finished with another slow start due to lack of wind. The first race finally got underway at 3.30pm (local time) in 8-10 knots from the SSE. By the time the second race started at around 5pm, the wind had freshened to 15 knots and was relatively steady from the south. After the first day Finn Lynch lies in 22nd place overall with teammates Liam Glynn in 91st and Ewan McMahon in 102nd. Full results here:


Monday 10th February. Racing postponed at the first day of the 2020 49er, 49erfx, and Nacra 17 World Championships live today in Geelong Australia. Good luck to Ryan Seaton, Seafra Guilfoyle, Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪