OFFICIAL NOTICE 20.1 - Safeguarding Update

OFFICIAL NOTICE 20.1 - Safeguarding Update


Safeguarding Update

On 11th March 2018 Irish Sailing sent all affiliated organisations the official Sport Ireland Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment which was to be edited and displayed by each organisation as per the directive under Children’s First Act 2015. These documents are now due to be reviewed and updated by end of March 2020. Since then, Tusla have established the Child Safeguarding Compliance Unit (CSSCU) which is a dedicated Tusla department set up solely to manage the requirement for providers to have a Child Safeguarding Statement in place. The new CSSCU Safeguarding Statement includes the Risk Assessment and must be must be furnished to all staff members, be displayed in a prominent place and made available to parents and guardians, Tusla and members of the public upon request. Please find a WORD copy of Irish Sailing’s Safeguarding Statement January 2020, which you can edit to your own needs as required and display accordingly. Irish Sailing have also made available all the relevant policies and guidance notes related to the safeguarding statement again in WORD Doc format for you to amend to your own needs and available at In support of these changes and by way of updating all the relevant Club / Centre Safeguarding Officers we are running a series of the New Safeguarding Level 2 / 3 Workshops in each Province.

  • Eastern Workshop – Dun Laoghaire Royal Marine Hotel – Sunday 22nd  March
  • Southern Workshop – Royal Cork Yacht Club – Saturday 28th March
  • Western Workshop – Mayo Sailing Club - Sunday 29th March

The workshop will be facilitated by our National Children’s Officer Ciarán Murphy and is the best way to answer all your questions, share your concerns and be prepared for the summer season. This course will also certify and revalidate the relevant officers for the next 5 years and is recognised by all Sporting NGB and LSPs in Ireland. Spaces are limited to 16 people per workshop and to book online please go to .

If you have any further questions on your Safeguarding Statement please feel free to contact Ciarán at or 087 8800744.

Irish Sailing Safeguarding Statement Here

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