Irish Sailing Cruising Conference Fully Booked

Irish Sailing Cruising Conference Fully Booked

Exploration and Discovery is the Theme for This Year's Conference

The line up will keep us all entertained for the day and send us home with tales to share for a while longer.

One lucky delegate will take home the Union Chandlery spot prize of a Seago 190 Pro Lifejacket currently valued at €210.

The 3Dynamic 190Pro incorporates the Rapid Buckle, Cylinder Safe and S Design lung together with LED multi flash light, spray hood and pocket for your knife. That should keep you safe out there.

Toni O’ Leary of Union Chandlery will be giving us some professional advice on anode types and galvanic corrosion and more environmentally friendly anode options. Toni has been involved in the marine trade in a professional capacity for almost 25 years as an instructor, yachtmaster and technical sales professional with Union Chandlery.

Norman Kean will be sharing his incredible drone footage of our coastline with "Round Ireland on an Aircraft Carrier - the Irish coast from seaward with a flying camera". Norman has been Editor of the Irish Cruising Club's Sailing Directions since 2005 and writes frequently for Yachting Monthly. More here

Racing sailor and adventure cruising sailor, Christine Heath, will share her travels sailing her Sadler 28 to Holland, Sweden, Norway and Scotland these past few years. She is now nestled in Kilrush Marine and looking forward to exploring our wonderful west coast in 2020. Amongst her long-distance trips was a nine-week cruise in Arctic waters. We are looking forward to hearing about her adventures and the work that had to go into achieving them.

Vera Quinlan joined us last year with a video from her children announcing their plans to circumnavigate the Atlantic! We will have more video to bring us up to date on the incredible adventures they have had so far – it makes you want to pack up and go.

And Damian Foxall has been sending footage from Antarctica for us to share - see a taster here.

Cruising Association of Ireland are a committed supporter of this event and of helping cruising sailors get out on the water and enjoy this amazing coastline and shores beyond. They will share their plans for Cruise in Companies and social events for 2020.

2020 brings us the incredible celebration of Cork300. This is more than one club celebrating their 300 year anniversary. This is a celebration of the incredible history of sailing in Ireland and the magic and strength a club environment can bring to a lonesome sailor. Royal Cork Yacht Club will join us to share their plans for 2020 and what Cork 300 means to them and our Irish Sailing community.

Speakers, Jim Wilson, Sarah Gallagher and Jamie Young, were all highlighted in a past news article here In summary, Jim Wilson will share his story of the discovery of Antarctica by Irishman Edward Bransfield; marine meteorologist Sarah Gallagher will be talking Waves and how we forecast them and Jamie Young shares his adventures and invites you to a group discussion on climate change and solution ideas.

A massive thanks has to go out to these speakers, who all give their time to preparing and presenting for free and to our sponsor Union Chandlery and supporters Cruising Association of Ireland and Kilrush Marina. Thank you.

Another magic day for cruising sailors.

A taste of their talks in the photo gallery below.

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