Drone Shots to Aid Navigation

Drone Shots to Aid Navigation

Drone puts the Sailing Directions on a higher plane

For ninety years, the ICC Sailing Directions have been the standard text on small-craft pilotage of the Irish coast. Lorna Siggins of The Irish Times wrote "Approach any port without these navigational directions on deck at one's peril".

The latest editions have made spectacular use of drone photography to add a new dimension. Norman Kean and Geraldine Hennigan sailed round Ireland in 2019 gathering information on many recent changes, and taking 1400 stunning drone pictures. New and simultaneous 2020 editions of the East & North and the South & West are now available.

We are lucky enough to have Norman presenting some of his incredible photography at the upcoming Irish Sailing Cruising Conference in February with "Round Ireland on an Aircraft Carrier - the Irish coast from seaward with a flying camera". AND he has kindly offered a copy of the 2 new books and the Cruising Ireland publication as spot prizes for 3 lucky delegates .. (event fully booked).

"East & North Sailing Directions is the exemplar of a modern sailing guide. Unlike many a pilot book which leaves me feeling frustrated by vital omissions, this one delivers the Full Monty." Tom Cunliffe, yachting journalist, author and broadcaster.

"[The South & West] represents the final word on Irish cruising, written by those who know all this coast's intriguing nooks and crannies, and who can guide you safely to a full enjoyment of what is one of the most fascinating coastlines in the whole of Europe." Paul Heiney, author, broadcaster, TV presenter and accomplished yachtsman.

Books available HERE or in your local chandlery.

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