Women in Sailing Strategic Review

Women in Sailing Strategic Review

World Sailing Trust ran a Strategic Review on Women in Sailing

Sailing is perceived to be male dominated with fewer opportunities and pathways for female sailors. Up until now, this was nothing but an observation with no fact-based evidence backing up the claim. 

The World Sailing Trust ran a strategic review and has now released the findings of its Women in Sailing report showcasing the reality of the perception and bringing it to life.

This report examines gender balance within the sport, showcasing case studies and setting out key recommendations to ensure a sustainable future for the sport.

11-83 year olds from 75 nations submitted more than 4,500 responses.

Volunteers, event organisers. club sailors, professional sailors, national federation and class association representatives all participated to ensure widespread representation within sailing.

The results were shocking - but not surprising.

80% of the female and 56% of the male respondents acknowledged that gender balance is an issue in sailing and they shared their own stories about lack of support for women and girls in the sport.

Personal accounts of discrimination were also shared and of the respondents 59% of females and 14% of males had experienced discrimination. 

The report brings together all of the findings and sets out recommendations for women's participation in sailing to not only improve, but thrive. 

Recommendations include the development of programmes, changes to policies and career progression support. 

Woldwide change is needed and only by working together can we level the playing field.

Read The Women in Sailing Review Here

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