Autumn Cluster and Training Meeting Report

Autumn Cluster and Training Meeting Report

Over 40 clubs and centres attended 9 regional meetings

Last week concluded the third week of the Irish Sailing Autumn Regional Cluster and Training Meetings around the country. We decided this year to join up the regional and training meetings to save people’s time and allow new people to meet each other. This type of rationalisation of meetings will be developed further as we prepare for the combined Irish Sailing National Conference in Dun Laoghaire on Saturday 21st March 2020. The concept of each club or centre filling a car and sharing the journey to a combined Training, Race Officials, Club Symposium, AGM and Awards Ceremony all in one day was welcomed at every meeting.

Hot Topics

The most discussed topic at each of the meetings was without doubt the Irish Sailing Women Take the Helm Bursary. You can find all the details and application forms here. We look forward to seeing all the innovative programmes and training courses supporting this great initiative at next year’s Irish Sailing Pathfinder Women at the Helm regatta, taking place at the National Yacht Club in September.


The new Irish Sailing Team Racing Programme was keenly discussed with Clubs and Centres keen to talk about collaborative ideas for next year.Programme coordinator Rory Martin has a full schedule of events and courses planned nationwide so please contact him asap to ensure you benefit from the new fleet and great coaching opportunities at 


Other topics discussed included Safeguarding Protocols, Flag Funding Programme, and Irish Sailing membership benefits. As always if you have any questions please contact your local RDO.


Irish Sailing Training Development Officer Dave Garvey had the challenge of attending every meeting from Greystones to West Cork to Donegal. He was happy to report a positive increase in numbers of people on the water this year and partaking in courses.


Equally the numbers using the Irish Sailing Checklick Passport online logbook system are showing some progress particularly with The National Powerboat scheme where numbers have passed the old paper certificates of previous years. There was good discussion on how we can enhance the system to benefit the end user and make it more applicable to parents to get more involved in utilising the system. Feedback is most welcome - click here to fill out the survey.


On the topic of instructor training there was huge variance with some clubs discussing the challenge of finding Advanced  and Senior Instructors while some other Clubs had too many dinghy instructors, and were sharing them with others to gain experience. Improving the conversion of instructors to advanced levels will be a focus for the coming year.

Training Programmes

The feedback from the two Club Coach courses was positive and allowed for a little more tweaking to ensure the course delivery was fitting the needs of the attendees. There are more courses planned regionally in the Spring next year.


The new inspection system which focused on the practical on-water delivery was of benefit to the instructors and the Sis, and will continue to be developed by utilising the self-declaration format prior to each inspection. It was noted that some instructor courses were run in the late summer before students go back to college and weekend courses are more useful, allowing greater accessibility. For any other advice or tips on running instructor courses or any training matters please contact


The full presentation in PDF form is available on link under the gallery below or HERE.


Save the Date, Irish Sailing National Conference 2020

Thanks to all those who attended and please put in a big push to car share for our new all-in-one National Conference on Saturday 21st March 2020, Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire.

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