Streamlining Foreshore and Linking County Development

Streamlining Foreshore and Linking County Development

Launch of the Draft National Maritime Planning Framework

Harry Hermon attended the launch of the draft National Maritime Planning Framework (NMPF), by Minister Damien English from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, today.

This draft is Ireland's first complete marine spatial planning document that sets out the policies, to help direct decision making in the maritime area using a plan-led approach.

Irish Sailing’s CEO, Harry Hermon sits on the NMPF Stakeholder Advisory Group as a representative of the Federation of Irish Sports. This draft is to go through a public consultation process in the next few months concluding at the end off February, with a view for a final draft to be launched towards the end of 2020, and implementation in 2021.

The ultimate outcome will be for a simpler, more streamlined planning process for foreshore, that will enable links to County Development Plans, allowing local authorities to look towards the sea for local development opportunities.

The 200 page draft is available to read or download here -

Would you like to be part of the public consutation process for the Draft NMPF?

Regional public meetings to promote awareness and facilitate public and stakeholder participation in the Draft NMPF run from 21st Nov to 10 Dec in Limerick, Westport, Galway and Tralee.

Submisions are welcome by email or post too before 12:00 noon on 28th February 2020

Full details of locations and contacts here

Full details on the NMPF

See the full Government Press Release with useful summary breakdowns here - Govt Press release: